Dear friends and family,

Below you'll find a brief update on our family and how we are doing. Enjoy!

Ingrid, now 11, likes to dress up and pose for the camera. She has many friends, and they come to visit at our house all the time. Sometimes one or two stay until the next day. Ingrid likes to read books, and to make things. She is really good at knitting, for example. She also sings in "Barnegospel", the children's choir at our church. And she is active member of "Viljen", a club where the children make things that they sell and give to NLM, an organization that sends out missionaries. Astrid is one of the leaders of "Viljen", with responsibility for teaching the Bible to the children.


Magnar likes to do everything--as long as he can use the computer. In front of his PC he does his home work, and he plays games, either alone or with some of his friends. Magnar also plays soccer and table tennis. He likes to play the organ and also masters his mouth harmonica quite well. In the spring he will be confirmed in our local church.


Here Solbjørg Makalani is, at 17. May, our national holiday. Solbjørg takes her second year at high school in Cardiff, Wales. She lives with a family in Cardiff, and enjoys herself very much. Of course we miss her a lot. In October the rest of us went to see her during the Autumn break. She comes home for Christmas, and we have saved a lot of fun things that we will do together when she arrives.


Astrid keeps on working as a substitute teacher, and enjoys that very much. Her favorite subject is religion, and the kids love to listen to the Bible stories that Astrid literally acts out in front of them. Astrid also teaches Sunday school at church, in addition to other voluntary work. In her spare time she likes to go swimming in the local pool (and in the lake during summer). She is also quite active at aerobics.


Magne will take one year off from Powersim, starting in January 2002. He plans to work as a freelance consultant, and as a part time professor at the University in Trondheim. His favorite activity is speed skating and roller blading. Together with the rest of the family, he is painting a big picture on one of the walls in our garage. The scene depicts the family members in various typical activities. Great fun!


In these times of international terror and fear, it is our hope and prayer that there will be Peace on Earth.

We wish our friends and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Astrid, Magne, Solbjørg, Magnar and Ingrid

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